Testing equipment according to your individual requirements

Our high-quilified products are developed cost-effectively and with the end user in mind. Our production and development experts work with the latest technologies in the construction and production area, which means that there are no restrictions that could hinder us in the realization of your ideas and wishes. We can turn your ideas into reality!


Find out more about our company, the location, our range of services and the current business areas of GMN international GmbH.


Due to the qualification and specialization in the field of filter testing technology, we are able to realize customer-specific test systems.


To give you an insight into the breadth of the application possibilities, we present a selection of already implemented plants with relevant basic data.


– GMN International GmbH – global solutions –

Who we are

GMN International GmbH is internationally operating supplier of test stands and test equipment used mainly in automotive and filter industries. The company was established in 2010 and employs currently 8 staff members.

Our core competency lies in the development and the production of test equipment that is used for testing various kinds of filters.

Our special testing machines and equipment are produced on the highest technological standards and is adjusted to your special requirements and needs. We manufacture our products at our own plant located in Hatzfeld, Germany. Also a very extensive network of partners, who provide us with expert assistance, distinguishes us from our competitors.

We systematically enhance our positions as innovative and customer-focused company. Our main goal is to provide you with the highest possible quality at minimum expenses and within a reasonable period of time.

Our services

from the initial contact up to the after-sale support ...

As a global supplier of testing equipment and special machinery, we offer our clients an all-around production and service program, in which the entire process of development, manufacturing and delivery are dealt with by one company.

We will help you all the way from the initial contact to the production and until the moment your machine is running. If needed, we will be happy to provide you with after-sale support.

If you are looking for a reliable partner with an understanding of your ideas and an ability to solve your problems or to help with modification of your equipment, then GMN International is ready to serve you!

We also assist our customers in purchasing spare parts and in construction and delivery of additional equipment.

Trust us and your ideas will become reality!

Our location

Our company is located in a small German town Hatzfeld, which is situated between Kassel and Siegen, circa 140 km to the north of Frankfurt am Main.

In respect to the national traffic system and infrastructure, this location offers an excellent reachability for customers and suppliers – it is easily accessible, both by passenger cars and trucks.

You can use this route planner to find your way to us.

Our employees

GMN International employees all share a common goal, which is to realize the ideas of our customers in a best possible and efficient way and to do it as quickly as possible.

Each and every employee of GMN International reflects the image of the company with his personality and skills, which help him by implementation of the ideas and wishes of the customer.

And because our areas of activities are not just diverse, but also very challenging, our employees have the opportunity to continuously improve their skills and take on challenging new tasks. Also the global nature of the company means for our staff members special chances and perspectives.

And of course, the quality of our services and our relationships with customers is a top priority for GMN International, quality that makes us an above-average company and gives us an advantage on the market.

Our competences

– What you can expect from us –

Quality & Efficiency

In producing our test equipment we use modern technologies and orient ourselves toward the individual requirements of our clients. Innovation and continuous development are integral parts of our philosophy.

Experience & Competence

Due to the longstanding experience in the field of special machine engineering, we are able to achieve our goals in a cost-efficient manner and within a reasonable period of time stipulated by the customer. During the manufacturing process our staff members will be happy to provide you with highly qualified assistance and support.

Innovation & Future

With curiosity, courage and an open attitude towards innovative solutions, we will turn your ideas into reality. We guarantee reliable solutions and ensure high-qualility products that are 100% "Made in Germany".


– Test stands for filter media testing and quality control –

It is important to test filter materials for certain properties in order to develop and optimize the production process of filters as well as to assure the quality of produced filters. Such properties, as for example, differential pressure and separation efficiency (that are related to particle size and loading capacity) are normally used to determine the filter parameters.

Through years of experience in the production of testing equipment, we were able to develop a wide range of solutions for a broad spectrum of testing systems. Customers all over the world rely on our professional experience, innovation and quality, that characterize our products.

With our equipment you can test diverse filter types according to different international standards (such as ISO, DIN, SAE, BS and JIS), because our machines are customized and certified in compliance with such norms.


– Current information –

  • 30.03.2017

    PAMAS 4132

    In 2012 GMN International started to use the online particle counting system PAMAS 4132.



– Get in touch with us –


GMN International GmbH
Edertalstrasse 27a | 35116 Hatzfeld (Eder)

Phone & Fax

Tel.: +49 (0)6467 915888
Fax: +49 (0)3631 610028

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– International substitutes –

GMN International GmbH

Friedrich Kalb
Edertalstrasse 27a
35116 Hatzfeld (Eder)

Phone: +49 (0)6467 915888
Fax: +49 (0)3631 610028
Mobile: +49 (0)162 2694818
E-Mail: kalbgmn-gmbh.com
Web: www.gmn-gmbh.com

USA / North America

Edward J. Bielo
15055 Savannah Dr.
Naples, FL 34119

Phone: +1 (239) 348 7626
Fax: +1 (239) 348 8910
Mobile: +1 (239) 682 2862
E-Mail: edbieloearthlink.net

China / Asia

Xiaoyun Li (Ivy)
Wuxi City / Jiangsu Province
P.R. China

Mobile: +86 18136276659
E-Mail: Ligmn-gmbh.net

India / Asia

Sanjay Miglani
mk teknology1 Pvt. Ltd.
GG-1, 139-C, PVR Road
Vikaspuri New Delhi -110018

Mobile: +91 9810550075
E-Mail: infoteknology1.com

Japan / Asia

Klaus-Peter Moessner
Moessner Japan KK
2-15-10 Shin-Yokohama, YS Shin-Yokohama Bldg. 5F,
Kohoku-Ward, Yokohama-City, Kanagawa-Pref. 222-0033

Phone: +81 45 479 8932
Mobile: +81 50 3479 7931 or
+49 69 2475 5759
E-Mail: infomoessner.co.jp
Web: www.moessner.co.jp

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