Pulsation and burst pressure test stand (ISO 4548-5 & ISO 4548-6)

This kind of test stand is mainly used for testing hydraulic filters for their ability to withstand an internal pressure and for determining their burst pressure according to ISO 4548-6 standard as well as for testing the hydraulic pulse durability of filters according to ISO 4548-5.

In order to detect such characteristics of a filter element, the testing pressure is gradually increased to determine how much overload a filter element can endure before breaking completely. Pulsation test is performed by means of a cold start simulation. This method of testing defines the ability of filters to withstand an internal pressure surge such as occurs when an engine is started from cold.

This test stand is automatically controlled by the computer, the flow chart and all the test parameters are displayed on the screen, either in form of data or in form of a curve. Data handling and generation of reports according to ISO 4548-5 and ISO 4548-6 standards are included.

Applicable tests

The test stand is designed as a pulsation and burst pressure test stand acc. ISO 4548-5 and ISO 4548-6 as a part of the filter manufacturing process and quality monitoring center.

Following tests can be performed with the test stand:

  • Pulsation test acc. ISO 4548-5
  • Burst pressure test acc. ISO 4548-6

This test stand can be also configured and quoted according to your individual specifications.

Data Sheet (Example)

Filter type: hydraulic, oil fuel filters (other types are also possible)
Filter diameter: 70–140 mm
Filter height: 40–350 mm
No. of test stations: 3 parallel stations
Pulsation pressure: 0–50 bar, max. frequency 3 Hz
Pulse wave: trapezoidal, sinusoidal, special waves controlled by PLC
Burst pressure: 0–100 bar
Hydraulic fluid: Castrol Magna 100
Oil temperature: 30–80°C
Render-Time: 0.250143