Fuel Water Separation Efficiency Test Stand (ISO/TS 16332)

This test stand is mainly used for testing various types and sizes of fuel filters and modules according to ISO/TS 16332 for their ability to separate either finely or coarsely dispersed undissolved water out of fuel. This standard specifies a fuel/water separation test with continuous water injection using an online water concentration method.

The test stand is automatically controlled by a computer which saves the measured data in chronological order; the flow chart and test parameters are displayed on the screen. Data handling and generation of reports according to ISO/TS 16332 standard are included.

Applicable tests

The test stand is designed as a Fuel Water Separation Efficiency Test Stand acc. ISO/TS 16332 as a part of the filter manufacturing and quality monitoring center.

Following tests can be performed with the test stand:

  • determination of differential pressure characteristics of a filter element
  • test for water/fuel separation efficiency

This test stand can be also configured and quoted according to your individual specifications.

Data sheet (Example)

Flow range: 0–30 l/min
No. of test stantions: 1 station
System pressure: 0–6 bar
Main tank: 100 l
Hydraulic fluid: #2 diesel, and USLD with biodiesel
Oil temperature: adjustable oil temperature from 20-40 °C
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