Differential Pressure / Oil filter test stand (ISO 4548-1)

The test stand is mainly used for testing the performance of hydraulic filters and filter elements according to the ISO 4548-1. The scope of the testing is to measure the differential pressure across the filter housing or filter element as a function of the volumetric flow rate and the viscosity.

The test stand is automatically controlled by a computer which saves the measured data in chronological order; the flow chart and all the test parameters can be displayed on the screen. Data handling and generation of reports according to the standard ISO 4548-1 are included.

Applicable tests

The test stand is designed as an Oil Filter Test Stand acc. to ISO 4548-1 as a part of the filter manufacturing and quality monitoring cente

Following tests can be performed with this test stand:

  • Differential pressure characteristics acc. to ISO 4548-1
  • Flow rate ramp
  • Differential pressure characteristics of bypass valve
  • Opening pressure of bypass valve
  • Leakage volume of bypass valve

This test stand can be also configured and quoted according to your individual specifications.

Data sheet (example)

Filter types: Spin on filter and filter elements
Filter diameter: 60–180 mm
Filter height: 40–500 mm
By Pass Valve connection: Adapter with 3 set tooling for 3 different By Pass Valves
Pipe diameter/type: 1
Flow range: 1–12.000 l/h
Flow sensor type: Carioles Principe
Flow sensor size: DN 4 and DN 25
System pressure: 0–15 bar
Tank capacity: 300 l
Hydraulic medium: mineral to synthetic oils, e.g. SAE oils (SAE 30 ... SAE 140) or hydraulic oils (Aero Schellfluid 41)
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