Air Filter Test Stand (ISO 5011)

This test stand is mainly used for testing air filters, that are used in internal combustion engines and compressors for their efficiency according to ISO 5011 standard. The test stand is automatically controlled by the computer and consists of a test channel and other pipes made of a solid stainless steel. Data determination and its handling is generated according to ISO 5011 standard. All the test parameters and measurement results are displayed on the screen in form of a curve and are saved in chronological order.

Applicable tests

This test stand is designed as an automotive Air Filter Test Stand acc. ISO 5011 as a part of the manufacturing of filters and quality monitoring center.

Following tests can be performed with the test stand:

  • determination of airflow restriction and pressure drop test
  • determination of differential pressure characteristics of a filter element
  • determination of filtration efficiency and contaminate retention capacity of a filter element

Data sheet (example)

Filter type: Automotive air filter
Filter diameter/-height: acc. customer specification
Flow rate: 180–2000 m³/h
Flow regulator: automatic valve
Pressure: 160 mbar
Test dust: ISO 12103-A2 or ISO 12103-A4
Upstream concentration: 0.25–2.0 g/m³
Downstream concentration: 1–99 mg/m³
Render-Time: -0.061788