Aerosol/Oil Seperator Filter Test Stand (ISO 12500 & ISO 8573)

Aerosol test stand is designed to test the performance of coalescing filters according to ISO/DIS 12500 - Part 1 and ISO/DIS 8573 - Part 2 (2005). These filters are designed to remove oil aerosols, a typical contaminant found in compressed air streams.

Our aerosol test stand is manufactured of the best materials and with modern production and testing procedures that ensure a high product quality and operating reliability.

Another feature that makes this kind of test stand relevant is that it can recover the injected cooling oil, a quality that is considered to be an important design target. For many years oil separators have proved to be ideal in this field of application.

The test stand is automatically controlled by a Soft-PLC and the computer. All parameters can be adjusted at the workstation. The actual values of the running test are displayed on the screen.

Applicable tests

This test stand is designed as an Aerosol Test Stand acc. to mentioned standards as part of the manufacturing of filters and quality monitoring center.

Following tests can be performed with the test stand::

  • ISO/DIS 12500 - 1: This part of ISO 12500 specifies the test layout and test procedure for testing coalescing filters for their performance characteristics and effeciency of removing oil aerosols.
  • ISO/DIS 8573 - 2: This part of ISO 8573 specifies test methods for sampling and quantitative analysis of oil aerosols and liquid oil which may typically be present in compressed air.

Data sheet (example)

Filter type: Coalescing and oil filters
Flow rate: 0,6–6,0 m³/min
Max. air pressure: 10 bar
Max. air temperature: 120°C
Aerosol: oil mist
Particle size: 0,15–0,4 µm (ISO 12500-1) to 0,6–40 µm
Concentration: up to 105 P/cm³
Oil quantity: 50 mg/min–400 mg/min
Oil type: ISO 3448 degree 46
Measuring range of sensor: 0.2–9 µm / 0.25–17 µm / 0.6–40 µm
Render-Time: 0.188721